Answering Some Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry

According to a survey, people in USA spend $775 million in toothbrushes. This number seems bigger but if look at the general habit of toothbrush change 4 times a year, this figure should be fine. This high spending also tells how important teeth’s cleaning is for American people.

Nevertheless, only brushing and flossing may not work for everyone. Some people get crooked teeth by birth. Hence, there is the need of straightening teeth in this regard. And some people cannot whiten their yellow teeth no matter how persistent in brushing and flossing they tend to be. Hence, the smile makeover in this regard requires professional handling. This is where cosmetic dentistry comes in.

Cosmetic dentistry is in the rise for years and it is understandable. People want to have good smiles, and cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for everyone to have good looking teeth. Since it is very popular among the entire world, it was always difficult for this branch of dentistry to be free of doubt and myths. Having that said, there are a few myths about cosmetic dentistry that need to be answered.

Age limit
Many people tend to think that cosmetic dentistry is good for people before they enter into the old age. This perception is nothing more than just a myth. Old people can have benefits from cosmetic dentistry in the same way as that of young people. And today’s technologies used in cosmetic dentistry also tend to restore functionality of teeth with bad health. So, this branch of dentistry is more than suitable for old age people.

Teeth’s whitening is possible by over-the-counter bleach too
Some people deny the importance of cosmetic dentistry by saying that professional whitening of teeth is very much possible with over-the-counter bleach. The matter of fact is that over-the-counter bleaches do not contain many active whitening agents which are present in bleaches in dentists’ offices. The only reason they have such strong products is that they are highly qualified to use those products. You cannot get optimum level of whiteness of teeth with over-the-counter drugs.

Time required for cosmetic dentistry
Some people don’t go for cosmetic dentistry because they think that cosmetic dental procedures require great amount of time. Good news is that most of the cosmetic dental procedures do not take more than an hour. Even if you are supposed to visit your dentist more than one time to complete one procedure, each dental visit is not going to cause much of the time expenditures. You can certainly carry on with your daily routine after the dental visit.


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